Monday, November 29, 2010

Here are some pictures from Manza's Family Farm. This was before the cold hit here in NY.

Finally a New Post....and a new life!

Well it has been such a long time since I have posted anything, life has gotten in the way again. So much has changed since I've blogged. We are back to NY, "home"! I am still trying to get used to being back and I miss SC weather so badly. I am a southern girl at heart although I never mastered the y'all thing.

Well here we are back in NY, we stayed with my mom for about 6 weeks and finally 2 weeks ago we just got our own place. We are settling in and trying to get organized. Justin started a new school when we got here which had me scared out of my mind. He did great and is getting adjusted pretty quickly. He did break his wrist on the playground after being there for only 2 weeks. He just got his cast off after having it on for 3 weeks. Kids heal quickly, so I was told.

That is 2 broken bones and 5 stitches so far. Lets hope that is going to be it for awhile.

Thanksgiving came and went so quickly. We spent the day with my sister and now its on to Christmas. Justin is besides himself with excitement. Tink our Christmas elf made his arrival this week and I am hoping that the little people in my household take note and are on their best behavior. Oh the things we do to our kids.

Here are a few fall pics to check out because it seems as if I missed an entire season. I am trying to redo my blog a bit because I want to focus on family as well as my scrappin'!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st Grade

I can not believe that Justin is in the 1st grade! While I was driving to school to pick him up on the first day I vividly remember Kindergarten like it was yesterday... I know it was just last year but I feel like time is flying. I want to remember as much as I possibly can which is why I am a memory keeper. The reason for this blog and the reason I scrapbook are all things I do to try to remember everything I can about my kids childhood. I also do it for them...I want them to know that the things they did in life mattered even when the were only 6. So this is Justin's 1st grade photo. New school supplies, now back pack, new clothes and new sneakers and one happy kid.

Brady at 18 Months

My intention was to do a post on a monthly basis about Brady and all of his new "tricks", but that obviously did not happen so I am going to start now at 18 months and try my best.
What is this little dude up to?
-He will eat anything you but in front of him (today he ate refried beans and rice).
-He is into everything except the things that are meant for him.
-He loves the Ipad and he can actually work it.
-He loves Barney and Elmo.
-He loves music and he can really dance good. He gets that from me. Ha Ha
-He loves to be outside and if I open the front door he will take off.
-I almost don't want to say it, but he is a great sleeper. I put him in his crib wide awake and he goes off to sleep.
-He loves to scream and run around when I put the vacuum cleaner on. Its quite funny.
-He still has those crazy toes.
-He is a great baby or I guess he is a toddler and I am lucky he is mine.

Skater Boy

Justin so desperatly wants to learn how to skateboard and he tries his best and he keeps working at it, no matter how many times he falls. He gets back up and tries again. I just may have the next Tony Hawk on my hands. I know that what ever he tries he will be able to accomplish. He is stubborn and thick headed just like his Daddy....ok maybe his Mommy too (but I don't admit that easily).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recent NYC Trip!

I wish this picture was taken a little bit closer but it will have to do. The whole idea of the photo was nice so I decided to post it anyway.

Spongebob in the City!

On a recent trip to NY, we left Justin home with his Grammy and he was not so sure about it because he didn't know what he would be missing. Jordan and I decided to get our picture taken with Spongebob just so Justin could see what he missed, he was not happy about it to say the least. Mean I know....I couldn't resist.

Silly Band Mania

Justin's new thing is Silly Bands! He loves them and has received many many packs from his Nannie and Pop-Pop! He also got more on a recent trip to NY from his Grammy. He has recently counted them and has 548. I was proud that he could count that high. Someone is ready for first grade. This picture he is modeling some of what he received and then we realized it was not such a great idea because they were cutting off circulation. What will be the next craze and I so wish I could come up with something like that.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Gallihugh Boys!

This picture was taken on a recent trip to NY for my nephew's graduation. I had all of the boys together in one place and thought photo op! Well ladies and gents Dillon has a smile on his face, although he is not looking at the computer...but I will take what I can get!



A Few Layouts to Share!

These are a few layouts that I used in the Piggy Tales Design Team Call. I didn't make the team but for my first submission I was happy to have gotten my work out there. Not to mention it forced me to work on some photos that I have been putting off. Not to mention I used some of my supplies because I feel like a hoarder and not a scrapbooker.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brady's Birthday

Ok Ok I know I am a bit of a slacker these days and since I know all of our family pretty much follows us on facebook I tend to drag my feet on this. Anyway Brady had his first birthday and it was not that big of a party which I felt bad about because we just don't really have anyone here besides a few good friends. I do not think Brady cared much about anything except eating his cake and that he did! He made quite a mess and it was so cute.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Morning

Justin was a sweetheart on Christmas morning! Of all days that Brady has decided to sleep in he decided that Christmas morning he was going to sleep longer than usual. This almost put poor Justin right over the edge. When Justin could not take it anymore we woke Brady up and went downstairs to discover that Santa had come to our house. Justin was very concerned about what Santa brought Brady and he even stopped opening his gifts to help his baby brother. It was sweet and melted my heart. Here is a cute picture of them enjoying some time together.

Brady and his Love for ELMO

Brady has a love for Elmo and this was a gift that was sent to him by his Nannie and Pop-Pop. It is so cute and he just loves it! This Elmo blows kisses and says cute little things and Brady loves it. Mr. Brady gives kisses now and he is quite stingy with them, but with Elmo he loves to give kisses.

Christmas Photo Shoot

OK Y'all I am back. I had a slight absence from my blog because I was working on a Christmas gift for the grandparents in our lives and did not want them to get any sneak peaks of photo's.
So this specific photo was from Christmas Eve and while Brandon was wrapping some gifts upstairs and Brady was sound asleep Justin and I did our usual ritual of reading his Twas the Night Before Christmas. This time we did it a bit differently. This year we had to buy Brady his own copy of the book so Justin read me a copy and I read him a copy...many times. Ha ha! His reading was more by memory but he is still recognizing words on his own. So we decided to use the timer on the camera and take a few pics of ourselves. This is one of my faves!