Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Morning

Justin was a sweetheart on Christmas morning! Of all days that Brady has decided to sleep in he decided that Christmas morning he was going to sleep longer than usual. This almost put poor Justin right over the edge. When Justin could not take it anymore we woke Brady up and went downstairs to discover that Santa had come to our house. Justin was very concerned about what Santa brought Brady and he even stopped opening his gifts to help his baby brother. It was sweet and melted my heart. Here is a cute picture of them enjoying some time together.

Brady and his Love for ELMO

Brady has a love for Elmo and this was a gift that was sent to him by his Nannie and Pop-Pop. It is so cute and he just loves it! This Elmo blows kisses and says cute little things and Brady loves it. Mr. Brady gives kisses now and he is quite stingy with them, but with Elmo he loves to give kisses.

Christmas Photo Shoot

OK Y'all I am back. I had a slight absence from my blog because I was working on a Christmas gift for the grandparents in our lives and did not want them to get any sneak peaks of photo's.
So this specific photo was from Christmas Eve and while Brandon was wrapping some gifts upstairs and Brady was sound asleep Justin and I did our usual ritual of reading his Twas the Night Before Christmas. This time we did it a bit differently. This year we had to buy Brady his own copy of the book so Justin read me a copy and I read him a copy...many times. Ha ha! His reading was more by memory but he is still recognizing words on his own. So we decided to use the timer on the camera and take a few pics of ourselves. This is one of my faves!