Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Do

So I wanted to get my haircut and was unsure exactly what I wanted to do. Well I ended up with something I didn't ask for but....I think I like it. I will update ya'll if I change my mind.

Monster Truck Mania

OK so Justin loves to line things up and count them, he has always loved to do it. While I was doing my homework on Friday before work he was busy working on counting his monster trucks. This kept him quite for a long time....Can you see why?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cute Brady Pics

Brady is growing more and more everyday! I want to capture him all that I can, so here are a few cute pictures from the last couple of days!

Justins Private Photo Shoot

Justin has been so interested in taking pictures (I wonder why)! Well today he decided to take some pictures of himself and this is what we got. LOL!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Believe It or Not?

Well if you can believe it I actually forgot my camera today. It was another zoo day today, but we did have some new friends to go with today. Melissa's family came to visit from Michigan and we all spent the day at the zoo. Mario is 6, Nick is 4 and Nina is 2....then there is Justin right in the middle. They had a great time! At lunch all the boys sat in one side of the booth and me on the other with Brady (I was out numbered to say the least). It was a whole new adventure with new friends and we had a great time but guess what? I forgot my camera....I know me forgetting the camera can you believe it?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So at five years old Justin honestly spends 10 hours a day sleeping and the entire rest of the day TALKING! He honestly makes things up to talk about, it is the funniest thing ever. I don't always feel that way because sometimes I wish I had some ear plugs. He asks the funniest questions....some of which I recently ignored. This included "UM Mom how did Brady get in your belly?" I just pretended I didn't hear him and changed the subject and thankfully he forgot. Thank God!!! I am bracing myself for many more questions that I do not want to answer, not yet anyway. So these are some pictures I found from last year when we first came to South Carolina and when you compare them to the pictures of this year it makes me a little sad...What happened to my little baby? When I asked Justin where my baby went, his answer was that he is the big boy now and Brady can be the baby. So sad! Where does the time go?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My wonderful husband was able to download this really cool photo editing software for me, so I am just trying to figure out exactly how it works....Anyway these are some pictures from our Easter Sunday walk to the playground and around the lake that is behind our house. It was a beautiful warm spring day....a perfect day to spend with family.

Friday, April 17, 2009

So Sad....but So Cute!!!
I love this little sad pout....he know how to work his Mama thats for sure. He is such a good baby that you almost never see him with this pout so I wanted to make sure I captured it. I am sure he will learn how to turn it off and on like his big brother Justin....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What can I say you are a funny boy, and as smart as a whip! You are wiser that you should be for five years old. I want you to know that I am so happy that we are getting this opportunity to spend so much time together before you go off to school. Kindergarten, its so hard to believe that you are going to "big boy school". If I could I would keep you just as you are. I love you with all my heart. My wish for you is to be happy and stay carefree as you are right now!

My sweet baby boy! I can't explain what a terrific baby he is and has been right from the start. I have been so lucky that he is just a laid back, low key baby. No matter where he is whether it is in the swing or just laying on a blanket on the floor he is content. He has grown so much already and although I have gotten to enjoy every minute of it, it still makes me kind of sad. I know for sure he is the last of the "Gallihugh Boys" and I hate the idea of not keeping my little baby. I am grateful that I have gotten to stay home with him and would not trade it for the world. I love you my sweet baby boy!!!

A Week On Our Own!

So this week Brandon had a business trip to New Orleans which left me and the boys flying solo. I was a little nervous because Brandon is a huge help. We did great...The week was centered around ways to keep Justin busy. On Tuesday we went to the Fun Zone which is an inside play place with tons of cool inflatables. This trip included R.J. and Reilly our neighbors who Justin loves to play with. One Wednesday we went to our favorite place where the workers now know me by name...Chuck E. Cheese. Today we went to the Riverbank Zoo with some friends. It has been a fun week. Justin has helped me with Brady as much as he could. So I guess I will call it a success, but we will be happy when our Daddy comes home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

So we decided this year to have the egg hunt with the kids in our neighborhood that Justin plays with on a regular basis and boy did they have fun....They were not as good at finding the eggs as I thought. They walked by the ones that were right in front of their faces. I posted a few pictures, so check out the fun. Brady's first Easter was uneventful, but he did look so cute in his little bunny suit. (Thanks Nannie)