Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st Grade

I can not believe that Justin is in the 1st grade! While I was driving to school to pick him up on the first day I vividly remember Kindergarten like it was yesterday... I know it was just last year but I feel like time is flying. I want to remember as much as I possibly can which is why I am a memory keeper. The reason for this blog and the reason I scrapbook are all things I do to try to remember everything I can about my kids childhood. I also do it for them...I want them to know that the things they did in life mattered even when the were only 6. So this is Justin's 1st grade photo. New school supplies, now back pack, new clothes and new sneakers and one happy kid.

Brady at 18 Months

My intention was to do a post on a monthly basis about Brady and all of his new "tricks", but that obviously did not happen so I am going to start now at 18 months and try my best.
What is this little dude up to?
-He will eat anything you but in front of him (today he ate refried beans and rice).
-He is into everything except the things that are meant for him.
-He loves the Ipad and he can actually work it.
-He loves Barney and Elmo.
-He loves music and he can really dance good. He gets that from me. Ha Ha
-He loves to be outside and if I open the front door he will take off.
-I almost don't want to say it, but he is a great sleeper. I put him in his crib wide awake and he goes off to sleep.
-He loves to scream and run around when I put the vacuum cleaner on. Its quite funny.
-He still has those crazy toes.
-He is a great baby or I guess he is a toddler and I am lucky he is mine.

Skater Boy

Justin so desperatly wants to learn how to skateboard and he tries his best and he keeps working at it, no matter how many times he falls. He gets back up and tries again. I just may have the next Tony Hawk on my hands. I know that what ever he tries he will be able to accomplish. He is stubborn and thick headed just like his Daddy....ok maybe his Mommy too (but I don't admit that easily).