Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brady at 8 months

Here is what you need to know about Brady at 8 months
1. He how has 2 teeth that have just broken through, and he loves to have his gums brushed.
2. He is a flirt and a half. He will play shy when you talk to him, but he will wait for you to talk to him again and if you don't he will fuss at you.
3. He says Da Da which I know that he is just babbling but Brandon insists that he knows what he is saying.
4. He has sticky fingers for sure and anything in his reach he is going to grab for.
5. He is still not sleeping through the night.
6. He is still not taking an 8 oz. bottle (which is probally why he is not sleeping through the night).
7. He loves his big brother and loves when he gets home from school. His face lights up.
8. He loves yogurt.
9. He is just starting to get some hair, and it is so soft.
10. He is the light of my life (besides Justin of course).

Justin & Chuckie

I can't believe what a big boy Justin is, 6 years old and I still

remember the first time he went to Chuck E Cheese. It is scary for me to realize that the time is going by so fast and there is nothing I can do to slow it down except try and savor every moment I can of his little life. There was a time in his life that he hated any characters and now he can't wait to see them. He was waiting for Chuckie to come out and you can tell by the smile on his face just how happy he was.

Frankie's Fun Park

On Justin's actual Birthday we had dinner with Riley's family at Chili's and then Brandon and I took Justin and Riley to play mini golf. It was funny to say the least because Riley had never been before. Justin was being a great friend and everytime she asked if she was winning he would say yes even though she clearly was losing. Ut was fun for all of us.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Justin's Birthday Weekend

Justin's Birthday was a jam packed weekend of fun. This collage of photo's was taken on his actual birthday. The first photo is with his Birthday bear which we built at Build A Bear on his first birthday and he only comes out for birthdays. The rest of the pictures are of Justin opening his gifts. After he came home from school we let him open the rest of his birthday gifts. We then went to dinner with our friends at of all places "Chili's". Justin's choice. We enjoyed dinner and a giant cookie cake. Dinner was followed by mini golf at Frankie's Fun Park. The next day was Justin's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Check out the rest of the photo's soon to come.