Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brady at 8 months

Here is what you need to know about Brady at 8 months
1. He how has 2 teeth that have just broken through, and he loves to have his gums brushed.
2. He is a flirt and a half. He will play shy when you talk to him, but he will wait for you to talk to him again and if you don't he will fuss at you.
3. He says Da Da which I know that he is just babbling but Brandon insists that he knows what he is saying.
4. He has sticky fingers for sure and anything in his reach he is going to grab for.
5. He is still not sleeping through the night.
6. He is still not taking an 8 oz. bottle (which is probally why he is not sleeping through the night).
7. He loves his big brother and loves when he gets home from school. His face lights up.
8. He loves yogurt.
9. He is just starting to get some hair, and it is so soft.
10. He is the light of my life (besides Justin of course).

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