Monday, November 29, 2010

Here are some pictures from Manza's Family Farm. This was before the cold hit here in NY.

Finally a New Post....and a new life!

Well it has been such a long time since I have posted anything, life has gotten in the way again. So much has changed since I've blogged. We are back to NY, "home"! I am still trying to get used to being back and I miss SC weather so badly. I am a southern girl at heart although I never mastered the y'all thing.

Well here we are back in NY, we stayed with my mom for about 6 weeks and finally 2 weeks ago we just got our own place. We are settling in and trying to get organized. Justin started a new school when we got here which had me scared out of my mind. He did great and is getting adjusted pretty quickly. He did break his wrist on the playground after being there for only 2 weeks. He just got his cast off after having it on for 3 weeks. Kids heal quickly, so I was told.

That is 2 broken bones and 5 stitches so far. Lets hope that is going to be it for awhile.

Thanksgiving came and went so quickly. We spent the day with my sister and now its on to Christmas. Justin is besides himself with excitement. Tink our Christmas elf made his arrival this week and I am hoping that the little people in my household take note and are on their best behavior. Oh the things we do to our kids.

Here are a few fall pics to check out because it seems as if I missed an entire season. I am trying to redo my blog a bit because I want to focus on family as well as my scrappin'!