Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recent NYC Trip!

I wish this picture was taken a little bit closer but it will have to do. The whole idea of the photo was nice so I decided to post it anyway.

Spongebob in the City!

On a recent trip to NY, we left Justin home with his Grammy and he was not so sure about it because he didn't know what he would be missing. Jordan and I decided to get our picture taken with Spongebob just so Justin could see what he missed, he was not happy about it to say the least. Mean I know....I couldn't resist.

Silly Band Mania

Justin's new thing is Silly Bands! He loves them and has received many many packs from his Nannie and Pop-Pop! He also got more on a recent trip to NY from his Grammy. He has recently counted them and has 548. I was proud that he could count that high. Someone is ready for first grade. This picture he is modeling some of what he received and then we realized it was not such a great idea because they were cutting off circulation. What will be the next craze and I so wish I could come up with something like that.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Gallihugh Boys!

This picture was taken on a recent trip to NY for my nephew's graduation. I had all of the boys together in one place and thought photo op! Well ladies and gents Dillon has a smile on his face, although he is not looking at the computer...but I will take what I can get!



A Few Layouts to Share!

These are a few layouts that I used in the Piggy Tales Design Team Call. I didn't make the team but for my first submission I was happy to have gotten my work out there. Not to mention it forced me to work on some photos that I have been putting off. Not to mention I used some of my supplies because I feel like a hoarder and not a scrapbooker.