Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Studio Calico Kit-Layouts

This is such an old picture of Justin...from South Carolina, shortly after we moved there so he was just 3 turning 4 shortly. I loved his haircut in this picture and he was so blond. The title says "growing by leaps & bounds" This picture feels like just yesterday but he is 7 now!

More Layouts

These pictures are from Brady's 2nd Birthday, I again used a Studio Calico kit. (Still have no idea what month it was from)
This layout was made with a Studio Calico kit. I have no idea what month it was from because I have a large collection of kits which I have yet to touch. I love using them when I don't want to have to think. I can just grab a bag and my trimmer and be on my way. Nice and simple just the way I need things to be from time to time. Love this was maternity pictures that I had taken when I was prego with Brady.