Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vacation Fun

Well it is Sunday night and tomorrow is back to reality and this girl is so sad!  I got to spend the entire week with my husband and my boys.  We have been on tight budget lately so we actually didn't go out of town but we did do a bunch of day trips.  We went to Fun Land and played arcade games, drove go-karts, and the fun slide.  We also went to the National Zoo.  It was our best trip there since moving to the area, the weather was PERFECT!  It was the perfect temperature.  There were so many animals out.  We also went to Colonial Beach, a place my husband spent a lot of time at growing up.  We got to see the house his Nannie lived in, and the beach he used to crab at.  We also went  to Hershey Park in PA.  It was a ton of fun, we were able to ride a bunch of rides this time.  I finally got my funnel cake.  We did a few things that needed to get done before school starts like clothes  shopping, and haircuts.  Saturday we drove Justin to Delaware to meet up with His Nannie so he could spend his much awaited few days away from Brady.  I have to go back to work tomorrow and I am not so happy about it.  I really enjoyed this week.

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